More pictures from my time Vermont Studio Center.

More pics from my time in Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center

I am in Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center for a Residency, here are some of my pics from the past two days.

taking apart tapes to make more work. My apologies to Steve Howe.

Take a read of an interview I did for JUNG KATZ

Breaking open some tape to get media to make my tape pieces.

Before and After: Organized my materials for my tape pieces.

"One of these days I’m Going to get Organizized"

EXHIBITION: Reductions w/ Terence Hannum, Vincent Como, Gehry Kohler and Don Voisine @ City Ice Arts

Vincent Como - Terence Hannum - Gehry Kohler - Don Voisine
July 11 - August 9, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday July 11
6:00pm -9:00pm

CITY ICE ARTS / Kansas City 

City Ice Arts is pleased to present “Reductions”, an exhibition that will open on July 11th, with an opening reception for the artists from 6 to 9pm in the 2025 Campbell space. The exhibition will present the work of two New York artists, Don Voisine and Vincent Como, Baltimore based artist Terence Hannum, and Kansas City based artist Gehry Kohler. 

Vincent Como presents painting within a new diagram in his Temptation to Exist series. In shear simplicity, the works are rolled or folded and then presented on pedestals. The structure of the work begins to shift between black and white fields that have a unique balance between painting and sculpture, with references to Ad Reinhardt and Ellsworth Kelly. His work is represented by Minus Space in Brooklyn, NY and exhibited in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Haven, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Cleveland, Chicago, Vienna, Boston, San Francisco and Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Terence Hannum takes the process of cassette tape and leader tape reels and applies them to canvas, unveiling shiny black, brown and blue surfaces. Hannum is interested in the technique of splicing the original medium and the removal of sound, in which it can not be touched, which produces a new composition within medium. Recent exhibitions include Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Baltimore, London, Munich, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and The Hague, Netherlands. 

Don Voisine works within a very reductive and hard edge vocabulary which embraces symmetrical form. The work centers on vivid and exquisitely twisting black fields and surfaces that reflect in contrast. The main gesture of the work is surrounded by brackets of line, color, and muted tones, which produce elegant surfaces. His work is represented by McKenzie Fine Art Inc. in New York and has exhibited in Italy, San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Paris, New Zealand, and Chicago.

Gehry Kohler combines a process of building his drawings through multiple levels of marks, which are then erased, rebuilt and reconstructed. The surface yields burnished, removed and somewhat void sections that can, at times, be removed back to the original white surface of the paper. The drawings explore fragments of time, what once was and what remains of that gesture through that process. His work has been shown in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Cedar Rapids and Kansas City.

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July/August 2014

ReductionsVincent Como, Terence Hannum, Gehry Kohler, Don Voisine, group exhibition

Hear Scott Treleaven talk about his film PICTURE YOURSELF IN A BURNING BUILDING that I had the honor of composing the soundtrack for.  Then go watch it at the Toronto International Film Festival.